Client: Credit Repair Australia

Branding guidelines

Branding guidelines

I’m a strong believer that having a recognisable brand that produces quality materials, will contribute towards building a powerful brand identity that does not become diluted.

The first time I became aware of brand inconsistencies at CRA was during the recruitment process. After joining the company, I had a chance to address the issue. I did my research, collated evidence to support my case and liaised with key stakeholders to get the project approved. I was determined to put together effective brand guidelines to ensure consistency on every level.

When developing the brand guidelines, I covered all key areas -from the company logo, to brand colours, print and web pieces, messaging and tone of voice. The new brand guidelines were designed to serve as a reference for everyone in the company to consult before developing collateral or speaking on behalf of the business.

Once they guidelines were in place, I liaised with all departments and key stakeholders to assess needs, restrictions, resources needed, risks and timeframes. I mapped out a plan to rebrand all existent and future pieces in stages, throughout the organisation.

The project took 6 months to complete, but the transition was smooth and successful. The brand’s image became consistent across all levels, elevating the CRA brand recognition within the industry and amongst customers.